Activated Biochar (4L)

Full of beneficial microbes and nutrients
from compost and worm compost tea.

Our biochar is produced using local “waste” materials, nutrients and microbial innoculants to create healthy, vibrant soil with long term fertility.

• Boost soil fertility & oxygenize.
• Retain moisture & nutrients.
• Negatively charged & slightly alkalizing.
• Sequester that Carbon!

Bring life to your seeding & potting mixes and your garden beds.

Use this biochar in your seeding mixes and potting soils at a rate of up to 20% of the total soil volume. When using in the garden, add ¼” to ½” depth and work it gently into the upper soil surface. Biochar also makes an excellent addition to planting holes for trees, shrubs, perennials & annuals.

bag & lining is 100% paper & Compostable
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